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Pre – University

Pre – University education is an important juncture in students’ lives as it is the launch pad for their careers. Virtually, the first major decision of choosing Science / Commerce / Arts is done here. 

MICA PU is different... It is equipped with...

Video lectures
In house teaching faculty lectures made available on YouTube channel – MICA – Mysore Institute of Commerce and Arts

MICA’s learning App: MI-Book.
“A strong introduction and a firm foundation is the basis of all education” MICA in its endeavor to empower students chose to develop its own learning App; MIBook. MIBook facilitates learning ‘anytime anywhere’.

Tinkering lab
Tinkering lab also called makers space is a revolutionary learning space that has a significant impact on students’ learning and development across subjects and skills. At MICA, a tinkering lab has been set up in a huge space of 2,400sq.ft

Bio Science lab
A dedicated area of 1500sq.ft with all important biology related species. We strongly believe that science is all about understanding nature and could there be a better place than a live bio lab to see, touch, experience and learn.

Come experience the experiential learning at MICA.

PU Commerce Combinations

  • EBACS – Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and Computer Science.
  • EBABm – Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and Basic Mathematics.
  • BABS – Business Studies, Accountancy, Basic Mathematics and Statistics.

* CA/CS Foundation Exam Coaching extended

PU Science Combinations

  • PCMB – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.
  • PCMCS – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science.
  • PCME – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Electronics.

* CET/NEET Exam Training Extended

MICA Offers

MICA offers PU Science and PU Commerce course at the campus.  The courses are affiliated to Pre University Education Board and recognized by the Government of Karnataka. 

With more than half a decade of experience in PU education, MICA PU has been imparting quality education.  The focus of PU education is on Knowledge development, identification and development of Skill, practical experience and self-learning techniques. 

The well-equipped labs, Computer-aided learning through Video lectures and Apps to compliment chalk and talk by experienced and highly qualified teaching fraternity, encouragement to take part in co-curricular and extracurricular activities makes PU education at MICA a good learning and growing experience.

MICA believes in giving practical touch to the teachings sessions that happens in the college, simply because it adds life to the sessions and  helps students grasp the concepts taught well and facilitates enhancement of thinking and doing ability in the students.  It primarily helps in better reception and retention of the academic knowledge

Course Highlights

 – Highly qualified teaching faculty members.

 – 1:18 staff-student ratio.

 – Classroom teaching complemented with video lectures on accountancy and economics.

 – CA / CS foundation training programme in PU II for interested and deserving students at free of cost.

 – State of the art sports complex with full-time Sports trainer.

 – Well stocked Library.

 – Formal Mentor Protégé programme for personal care and attention.

 – Safe mode of transport by college busses

 – Classroom teaching equipped with Interactive Learning Mobile App.

 – Proposed Greenhouse and Tinkering lab to make science education practices.

 – CET and NEET training in PU II for interested students.

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