MIST – MICA Integrated Skills Training Programme:

The coveted MICA Integrated Skills Training program was born with a simple objective of solving a big problem of today’s education, to be employment ready, when students graduate. Designed and delivered by leading Leadership and Management professionals of Fortune 500 companies, the MIST program strives to develop skills beyond the curriculum.

The litmus test of any skill development program is the successful placement of accredited participants. MICA is proud to acknowledge several of our first batches of MIST students that were recruited from campus by world-class companies like Ernst & Young, IBM and others. Not only has this program delivered successful placements on campus, it has also prepared students to achieve higher educational standards across the world through higher studies.

The effectiveness of the curriculum is attributed to the continuous improvement of content and delivery methods. MIST training is characterized by experiential methods of learning such as on-the-job training and in-the-field-activities like work camps, discussions, debates, simulation, business games and internships. Students are set in a collaborative and competitive environment and learn from each other through exposure to authentic, complex, real-life problems.

Furthermore, learning is made more ‘meaningful’, since it is an intentional, active, conscious, and constructive and includes reciprocal intention-action-reflection activities. Various forms of assessment are used to evaluate students’ improvements and to define their career/training paths.

MIST has two components namely: 1. MIST Co-Curricular and 2. MIST Extra-Curricular

MIST Co-Curricular MIST Extra – Curricular
Common Proficiency Test (CPT) Training Soft Skills and Communication Training
Tally ERP 9.0 Training Sessions on Current Business News awareness
Sessions on Case Study analysis Target Placement Training – Session to focus on Résumé writing, Aptitude test training, Group discussions, personal interviews, Psychometric tests.
CCC Sessions – Create Conceptual Clarity sessions Encouragement to participate in competitions, workshops, seminars, fests.
TIA Sessions – Think, Interact, Apply sessions to improve application skills of students. Participating and hosting Sports events like Football, Hockey, Basketball, Kabaddi and Cricket.

Club activities to identify and hone life skills

Akila Raju is the Chief Architect of the MIST program and is actively seeking to expand the effectiveness of the MIST program and take it to the next level. She has over 15 years of rich experience mentoring and guiding next generation leaders in the corporate world. Akila was previously associated with prestigious firms like Goldman Sachs for many years developing key talent.

Akila is assisted by in-house MIST coordinator Ramacharan who is a management faculty member with corporate exposure.

Most graduates spend a considerable amount of time and effort in pursuit of employment although they have a earned that required academic qualification. Meanwhile organizations spend a considerable amount of time and effort to acquire talent, which is scarce in employment pools. This paradigm is a result of job skills not matching the level of requirements prescribed by job roles. The MIST Program attempts to bridge this gap through skills identification and enhancement training.

The MIST program is delivered through a complex pattern of programs delivered by the industry professionals and trainers based on individual skills requirement analysis to achieve a particular objective. The composition of an individual or group plan can have a variety of instruction like seminars. workshop, on site internships and presentations.

The MIST program complements the academic curriculum. It aspires to evolve into a credit based program that requires certification and testing.

Most Programs are delivered at the Mysore institute Campus Mysore.

The MIST Program is designed to ensure that the recipients of the training have a definite edge over their peers in terms of practical application of academic concepts. This ensure a higher probability of employment and professional success far ahead of the learning curve. A student also receive assistance with UPSC exams. certificate courses such as CA- CPT, CS, AMFI etc.