MICAnvas:  State level Academic and Cultural Fest.

 Read from books, learn from teachers, experience at MICAnvas

MISTocrat:  Cul de sac, Cui   Bono to stimulate the grey cells

Paper making:  With NE as the theme of MICAnvas `16, the participants were taught manufacturing of ‘Hand –  made papers’ out of used papers. This was the prelim for the competition to demonstrate skills of making paper, designing, developing a business idea and selling the product for profit.

 Great-meet: Achievers have an experience to share and their experience are always motivational in nature.  MICAnvas facilitated an opportunity for the participants to meet achievers and important people of Mysore such as IGP, HR Infosys and Commissioners to name a few. The movers and shakers of Mysore.

 HR Telephonic interview: HR participants were exposed to Telephonic interviews, Skype interviews, e interviews that are common trends in recruitment in the modern corporate world.

Finance: Money creates money.  Highly challenging, simple logic.  Participants had to showcase their Financial  knowledge, analytical approach, logical thinking, risk taking ability and goal oriented approach.

 Marketing: Market, market everywhere The participants marketed and sold the organically dyed T Shirts designed by school kids.  Revenue generation was the sole objective of the activity.

The Science of Commerce: As the altitude increases, the differences fade.  It is a universal phenomenon.  The ‘Science of Commerce’ activity designed for the high school kids was aimed at bringing a realization in the minds of the students’ that arts, commerce and science streams are interdependent and interlinked.  The activity involved preparation of organic dye and biological structure of the organic material, picture design on computers, and dyeing  and designing T shirt using the organic dye. These T shirts were sold by Marketing participants

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