The teaching and the non teaching fraternity is the any educational
DPK_5051institution. The students climb up the ladder of success with the help of this newel. Uniqueness @ MICA is – All are teachers – Since the learning is spread across the campus each staff has an opportunity to teach as they also learn from the students. That is the beauty at MICA.

The faculty has been carefully chosen based on experience, willingness to learn as they teach, and interpersonal aptitude as major attributes for selection. Not only has there been emphasis on faculty achievements but also continuous support to upgrade in terms of courses, certifications and on hand experiences in areas of relevance. These competent teachers are individuals with a deep sense of conviction in the Vision and Mission of MICA.


At MICA, students enjoy the inputs by the in-house, part time and guest faculty members. They enjoy the care and guidance, inputs by the experts in core subjects and the real time experience all put together by them. The guest staff are working professionals who bring practical experience and exposure to the classroom.

The college believes that teaching is the art of simplifying knowledge and information without diluting it. In accordance with this ideology, the college has been effectively developing innovative teaching methods such as:

  •  Presentations / discussions and classroom debates
  •  Organizing guest lecturers to promote experiential learning
  •  Case let analysis method
  •  Additional coaching for students excelling in sports and also for students requiring remedial training