Well equipped Computer lab

The computer lab is well equipped with state of the art hardware, latest software and is enabled with Wireless Fidelity (Wi -fi) connectivity. Apart from using for academic purpose such as practical sessions in Computer Science, students have the luxury of using them for browsing, preparing projects and preparing presentations for MIST sessions, for learning working knowledge of Tally , or visiting sites related to academics to upgrade their knowledge or to pursue passion or special interests like Photoshop. Dedicated computer Instructor to teach computer skills on one on one basis to ensure each student at MICA is computer savvy at no extra cost.

Well stocked library

The library is well stocked with large collection of books, journals, magazines, Case lets, case studies and audio-visual resources. Managed by a passionate librarian, the MICAns find library more than a house of books. It is a knowledge processing centre for Knowledge portal which is the Mariners’ compass for students of MICA in terms of information related to higher studies and job opportunities along with Current news and Business News.


learning atmosphere

Teach while you learn atmosphere’ for students through student managed professional groups and clubs which satisfies the thirst for knowledge and resonates passion for hobby and interest and enhances skills sets such as analytical, logical thinking, numerical, communication, team skills, leadership, innovative skills in terms of talent and creativity, develops rounded personality towards becoming a better individual, modifies attitudes thereby improving the quality of our graduating youth.

Appropriate Training

Certain skills are to be acquired with appropriate training and at the right time and leisure to ensure that the learner has imbibed it and not just studied it is what MICA believes in. Keeping this in mind various activities to enhance the knowledge base, intellectual capacity and skill set were conducted.Sessions like RM & BRM – Research Methodology and Business Research Methodology, Understanding Stock market, How to invest sensibly help our young students to be better educated. Even training on exams such as IRDA, Retail to name a few has held our students in good stead.


MICA’s Transportation Shuttle was established to help students, faculty and staff travel to and from the College campus. Faculty, staff and students may use this service at affordable prices which has been provided for quick and inexpensive means of transportation. For more information kindly call or e-mail us onenquiry@mysoreinstitute.com