Vision: To sensitize students to skills required by an entrepreneur and opportunities to become Entrepreneurs and to enable them take up small business ventures.

Mission: To inculcate entrepreneurial skills among students of MICA.

1. Encourage students to take up the small business with parallel incomes.
2. To generate awareness and interest on the various types of companies.

Vision: This club aims at bringing forth the creative side of students. The activities will be based on Journalism or media.

Mission: The mission of this club is to encourage students to think out of the box by using popular mass communication activities.

1. To help students face the audience using media as a tool.
2. To inspire the students to think creatively & present the assignment given to them in an unusual way.

Vision: Cultural club aims at enlightening the students about their culture.

Mission: The mission is to involve students in cultural activities. Students to be encouraged to participate in art forms like dance, music, painting, drawing etc.

1. Entertainment through fun activities is the main objective of cultural club.
2. To encourage students to showcase their talents.

Vision: Help young people experience the wonder of nature and wilderness areas.

Mission: To develop & enhance intellectual & physical skills by improving the natural environment.

1. To help in preserving wildlife.
2. To develop & enhance intellectual & physical skills.
3. To lessen the negative impact on nature.
4. To provide service to society.

Other of our clubs are:

  •  Overseas Students Club
  •  Assists in orientation
  •  Accommodation
  •  Settling down
  •  Grievances
  •  Sports Club
  •  Calendar of events
  •  Sports acitivities
  •  Competitions inter collegiate
  •  Represent MICA
  •  Cultural Activities – Dance, Music, other
  •  Finance Club
  •  Overseas Students Club: Assists in orientation
  •  Entrepreneurship club
  •  Environment club
  •  Sports Club
  •  Finance Club