Anahata Harikumar – MICA

Anahata Harikumar

Right after I completed my tenth board exams, I faced a huge dilemma. Which college was I going to join for my pre-university studies? After debating and discussing this matter with my peers and family, I made the best decision of my life which was studying commerce at MICA! The education system at present focuses mainly on academics. The education system of a small city like Mysore is no different. Marks and grades determine the course of our future while talent and passion stand mute in the background. While other colleges are solely focused on creating ‘rank holders’, MICA focuses on creating ‘all-rounders’. MICA gave me opportunities that a PU student could only dream of. I was given the opportunity to attend a MUN, that too in Chennai. By the way my batch mate and I had participated in MUN in Washington. I was also a part of the core team that organizes our annual fest MICAnvas. Over these two years, I saw myself grow from a girl plagued with self-doubt to an extremely confident persona. I’m ever grateful to my faculty who saw potential in me and encouraged me from day one. MICA is an institution way ahead of its contemporaries. Once a MICAn, always a MICAn!

MICA Mahesh PU college and its excellent faculty have provided support to my daughter in more ways that I can count. Two years on, she has not only become academically determined but also has grown into a confident individual. I believe that the institution has met the needs of every child in this important phase of their formative years. I have been witness to methodologies that were conformist as well as liberal, as appropriate, to develop the students through knowledgeable and friendly tutors and a supportive learning environment. As she steps out now out of this wonderful umbrella, I can sense that she is adequately equipped to meet, head on, the challenges that lie ahead. I extend my deepest appreciation to the entire team at MICA Mahesh PU College.
-Harikumar B, father of Anahata