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About MICA

If you are looking for a cherishing student life with great learning opportunities and environment MICA is the place for you.  MICA at present offers, PU – Commerce and Science and UG – B.Com and BBA courses.  Come experience the MICA lifestyle.

Welcome to MICA

‘Literacy is for records, education is for life’. While there are measures to quantify literacy, there aren’t any for education.  MICA was established in 2012 with the sole objective of imparting irreversible EDUCATION to the students through value and skill-based sessions as Education is to be internalized by the pupil for a better standard of living and successful careers.

MICA along with the curriculum prescribed by the PU board and the University of Mysore imparts various skill development sessions through its flagship program MIST- MICA Integrated Skills Training Programme (Click Here) to its PU and UG students. MIST includes, CA CS Foundation exam training, Tally certification, Excel and Advanced Excel training sessions, 90hrs of Entrepreneurship training, CBNA – Current Business News Awareness Sessions, Case Study analysis, Digital marketing sessions, Presentations, Personality development sessions,  Sports, internships, industrial visits, domestic and international excursions and many more.

MICA has also signed MoU with Wadhwani foundation to extend entrepreneurship course and with Young India for industry interaction on a regular basis. Through NSS students at MICA are taught the need and importance of giving back to the society. 

MICA encourages its pupil to take up academic research, to set up their own business ventures,  to read, write and express their ideas and selves in the right platforms for the betterment of the individual personalities and society, organize events, to participate in management and academic fests and to volunteer in NGOs as curriculum designers, promoters and teachers.

At MICA a student can find the right blend of academics, education, co-curricular, extra-curricular activities.  A good learning environment is ensured for the students by all the stakeholders of the college.  MICA at present is committed to creating an online platform for teaching and learning. In Phase I, video lectures on commerce subjects like Accountancy and Economics are made available to the students (Link to be pasted).  MICA plans to introduce many such online platforms for effective teaching and learning, in the times to come for both PU and UG.

MICA believes in shouldering the responsibility of improving the society, to realize this objective, MICA organized Mysuru’s first-ever area based TEDx talk – TEDx Gokulam (Link of Bigideas page to be pasted here) to bring about a difference in the society by creating a stage for the learner to share their unique ideas.  MICA in the past has hosted MICA Model United Nations, Budget conclaves to provide deeper insights into the macro level issues of the world to the students.

If you are looking for a cherishing student life with great learning opportunities and environment MICA is the place for you.  MICA at present offers, PU – Commerce and Science and UG – B.Com and BBA courses.  Come experience the MICA lifestyle.

Ishaq Syed


MICA, Mysuru


MICA is home to many disciplines and many different ways of understanding the world, but these three concepts bring us together: Learning. OPPORTUNITIES. Engagement.

The last 5 years have been tremendous, with the college achieving and exceeding expectations. Among the many treasures of the College, it is our students who are the greatest treasures. So today let me reaffirm that we are a College that proudly and unapologetically focuses on our students. This is who we are and what we aspire to be.

MICA is more than just a place to study or to work. It is a place that brings people together – faculty, students, staff, local public and binds them in a community with a shared pursuit of knowledge.

Your world is powered by the limitless opportunities of social networking, mobility, and the super-net. Your future holds opportunities, that knows no precedent. As a student in mica, you will have all access, support, and freedom to explore the untapped beauty of the future.

We invite you to engage with us through your own exploration of the college. Whether you’re interested in exploring commerce, learning the trade game of the world or science, future, and technology. We will help you discover how to leverage your skills and learning to flourish in every step of your way. You will find a rich field of opportunity here.

We have continuously raised our standards and will continue to innovate and provide new opportunities and experiences for our students over the next five years. As a leader, MICA continues to set bold new benchmarks and standards every year.

We aspire to groom young minds and hearts as the pillar for the advancement of a nation and hope of the future. We look forward to the contributions you’ll make as part of our community of scholars.


Dear Parents and Students
As we complete 5 years educating MICAns, I am happy with the progress MICA has made in imbibing value based education complementing academics and the other requirements by the University of Mysore.

At MICA we weave the warp and weft for a firm moral fiber in each student’s personality. MICA, with its firm belief that true education is imparting life skills, has produced well informed, spiritually engaged, emotionally strong MICAns passing out year on year. A 580˚ approach towards their development has helped us in creating a very conducive environment for professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers.

It is the need of the hour for educational institutions to give to the society youngsters who are positively motivated, emotionally stable, and relevantly knowledgeable. Youngsters who see an opportunity to grow and make a change instead of passively be a part of the society and economy.

We promise the society that we would continue with the endeavor of educating children by providing them a platform for holistic learning and practical implementation. Our teachers play a remarkable role in fulfilling the Management’s vision of making every MICAns life fruitful and beneficial by creating an atmosphere where they learn to develop respectful relationships not only with the peers, parents, and teachers but also with the broader community.

At MICA we weave the warp and weft for a firm moral fiber in each student’s personality.

Ponnamma M N


MICA, Mysuru

Shobha Venkatesan


MICA PU College


Adolescence is the age of change. This is when there are physical, emotional, as well as behavioral changes. College life is not just about fashion and friends. It is “the” time for acquiring academic achievements. Anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and fears are common emotions in this age or stage of life.  It is not that you should not feel such things. It is all about how you learn to understand and use them for your self-development. You must learn to use both cooperation and competition in social life.  Extreme in anything can prove disastrous. Overspending time on phone, texting, talking or simply playing on the net can cut short your physical activities resulting in an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

Fortunately, MICA PU College offers a platform for a youngster to carve their soft and hard skills.  It encourages students to showcase their hidden talents, develop a career and turn themselves into a complete human being.  After all, let’s all admit, as Forrest Gold once said: “The teenage brain sees more than meets the eye.”