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Welcome to MICA

MICA – Mysore Institute of Commerce and Arts, is a new generation educational institution situated in Mysuru, offering B.Com and BBA courses, affiliated to University of Mysore and PU Science and Commerce.  The five year old institution has 300+ undergraduates and it is promoted by young corporates and entrepreneurs.  MICAns are placed in companies like E&Y, PWC, IBM, HP, KPMG, Collebera, Bioclinicals to name a few.  The big chunk of alumni are pursuing higher education at home and abroad.

Through its flagship programme MIST – MICA Integrated Skills Training, the college offers various skill enhancement and development programmes to make the students, life and industry fit.

MIST includes: CBNA – Current Business News Awareness, Case let analysis sessions, presentation skills, soft skills, Tally ERP 9.0 training, CA – CPT and CS entrance exam training, internships, part time jobs, industrial visits, NGO associations, academic research, sports to name a few.

To mentally prepare the students for the corporate life MICA introduces the corporate life to the students during their UG course and there cannot be a better vehicle than the internships to achieve the same.  Since MICAns have successfully completed quite a few internships with big brands like Bigbazar, L&T, Rane Madras, Wruth Electornics, MyKingdom, Chaaru Arts, we are confident that our students will quickly adapt to the any companies and contribute to fulfill its needs.

At the PU level, students are offered SER – Self Exploration and Regulation program, certified psychologists conduct the sessions to help students gain clarity of thought, to reduce anxiety, pressure.

MICA aims at over all development of the students by ensuring equal importance to curricular, co – curricular and extracurricular activities.

Philosophy of education at MICA

Skilled based education – The need of the hour

The philosophy of education in general include idealism, realism, pragmatism (sometimes called experientialism), and existentialism. An education system which is idealistic may or may not prepare a graduate to fit into the necessities of real corporate or business or employment world. The concept of ‘teaching’ and ‘learning’ within the confinement of the walls of classrooms and the concept of engaging students with ‘lecture & Chalk & talk’, the concept of ‘evaluating’ the students based on ‘academic capacities and performances’ may or may not lead to where the young graduate must reach and succeed.

An effort to ‘stay within the norms of the conformity of the regulations of the boards and Universities and fulfilling the requirements and providing a pragmatic education alongside to students to be young, aspiring, enthusiastic graduates and ensure that our young grads reach and succeed where they must reach is the education at MICA.

Assuming that knowledge, information, experience and wisdom are same, is a mistake most make. All four are independent yet interdependent.  Formal education shares information and imparts knowledge.  The application of knowledge gained, information acquired along with exposure to newer environment, provides experience.  The application of knowledge, information and experience is wisdom. Education is all about having wisdom.

The practical application of wisdom is Skill.  With the world facing dire shortage of appropriate skilled workforce, the need of the hour is complementing education with specific and general skills to be imparted to students with unique pedagogy of teaching, maintain the norms of Universities and boards alongside.  The skilled workforce attains higher ranks, greater rewards, recognition and opportunities both in the society and in corporate.  Today, India as a country has around 2% skilled workforce and only 6.8% of the population is receiving skilled based education now. By any standard of measurement, these numbers are far from encouraging.

The skill-based education is certainly the need of the hour across the education system. Every well planned organization would have objectives categorized as economic, social, personnel and national.  Today, our nation’s objective is ‘capacity building through skill development’. Hence as a responsible citizen, purposeful educator it becomes the DUTY of  every educational institution across the country to contribute towards producing skilled graduates, who would go on to contribute towards nation building, through cascading.

Small drops make mighty ocean not just literally. MICA, Mysore, a modern day’s educational institution is doing its bit to the nation building by engaging its pupil and staff in skill developing and honing activities.  If you want to be a contributor for nation’s development, here is an opportunity, come be a true blue MICAn.


 Dear Parents and Students

As we complete 5 years educating MICAns, I am happy with the progress MICA has made in imbibing value based education complementing academics and the other requirements by the University of Mysore.


At MICA we weave the warp and weft for a firm moral fiber in each student’s personality. MICA, with its firm belief that true education is imparting life skills, has produced well informed, spiritually engaged, emotionally strong MICAns passing out year on year. A 580˚ approach towards their development has helped us in creating a very conducive environment for professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers.

It is the need of the hour for educational institutions to give to the society youngsters who are positively motivated, emotionally stable, and relevantly knowledgeable. Youngsters who see opportunity to grow and make a change instead of passively be a part of the society and economy.

We promise the society that we would continue with the endeavour of educating children by providing them a platform for holistic learning and practical implementation. Our teachers play a remarkable role in fulfilling the Management’s vision of making every MICAns life fruitful and beneficial by  creating an atmosphere where they learn to develop respectful relationships not only with the peers, parents and teachers, but also with the broader community.

At MICA we weave the warp and weft for a firm moral fiber in each student’s personality.

Ponnamma M N


MICA, Mysuru

MICA congratulates it's PU II Students on their results.CLICK HERE