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About MET

MICA will be recognized as an educational institution that fosters best-in-class instruction, professional skills and intellectual thought while being a symbol of leadership and excellence.

The MICA – will create individuals that are empowered by thought and aptitude in their chosen discipline. The Institute promotes constructive,academic expression and leadership within the confines of the prescribed curriculum, complemented by integrated skill training and development.


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Progressive Thinking


Dear Prospective Students,

The last 15 years, it can be argued have been the fastest paced in history for medicine, technology, education, economics and almost everything else that one can imagine. If you are considering MICA as your next step, you are what the world knows as “Generation Z”. Your world is powered by the limitless opportunities of social networking, mobility and the super-net. Your future holds opportunities that knows no precedent.

The next 15 years will see remarkable changes that touch all our lives, again in every perceivable manner. Artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies in these years will re-define the construct of education and preparedness.

We have continuously raised our standards and will continue to innovate and provide new opportunities and experiences for our students over the next five years. As a leader, MICA continues to set bold new benchmarks and standards every year.

This brings us to an important milestone of understanding that choices between science and commerce or the lesser of the two are contradictory. Your success requires skills based emphatic learning which requires aptitude that compliment theoretical standards.

At MICA, we recognized this years ago. Our vision of learning and method of complimenting academics with skill has yielded great results. To reap the benefits of a future that is not predictable, it is important to understand your strengths and build on it to achieve our goals.

I welcome you to be part of MICA and hope you will give us the opportunity to play a part in your success.


Chairman, Mysore Educational  Trust

MET is an association of young entrepreneurs and professionsals who are drvien and insprired by the need for quality educaiton for our youngsters.  The Trust is registered in Mysuru, with palns of revolutionizing the current educationals system by launching vairous centres of educational excellence in karnatkaa.  The primary forcus of all our future endravours will be on business commercial education.