Mysuru, one of the educational hubs of the state, houses few best BBA colleges, B.Com colleges, and PU Colleges. MICA – Mysore Institute of Commerce and Arts, a 6-year-old, a new generation educational institution situated in Mysuru.
MICA which undoubtedly ranks itself amongst the top BBA colleges and B.Com colleges, since its inception, it has produced professionals, entrepreneurs, successful corporates, and researchers.
MICAns are well placed incorporates like E&Y, PWC, IBM, KPMG, Bioclinica to name a few. MICA has produced first generation entrepreneurs, artists, sports stars etc.  The overall performance of students at MICA is bound to improve as the young trustees, promoters and academicians are from top institutes of the country and abroad.
B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce and BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration courses at MICA are affiliated to the University of Mysore.
The PU – Pre University Science and Commerce courses are recognized by Pre – University Education Board, Karnataka.   The PU results have always been encouraging as the college bags a good number of distinctions and first classes.


Is education within the reach of all?

Learners across the world are excluded from the benefit of education for a variety of reasons such as poverty, health, social status, geographic isolation, ethnicity or racial bias, gender bias and other forms of marginalization. Quality education seeks to demolish barriers affecting the above said marginalization. Thus, the cycle of exclusion can be broken and […]

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MICA will be recognized as an educational institution that fosters best-in-class instruction, professional skills and intellectual thought while being a symbol of leadership and excellence. MICA prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, and thus make the world a better and more just place. We will ensure that our […]

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Why you should study Commerce at MICA

The Bachelor of Commerce focuses on the factors that drive economic behaviour at both an individual and organisational level. The course will equip you with the analytical, communication and problem-solving skills to effectively identify issues, source information and find efficient and practical solutions. The course has been tailored in consultation with representatives from leading organisations, […]

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MIST……… 1.1

Few ‘disruptive innovations’ have made the world to think, work and look forward for driverless cars, solar planes, branchless banking, plug and play classrooms, online courses and universities, paperless transactions and many more.  These disruptive innovative changes will change the way one has lived and would live.  One is left with no choice but to accept the change and progress with the developments.

Developments, normally, would have two faces; one good and the other disturbing.  The changes taking place around us are no exception.  On one side it leaves people with plethora of opportunities on the other side it reduces the human intervention, leading to job cuts and retrenchments.

The present and the generations to follow are to be adaptive and it can be possible only if one is a yellow collar worker. Yellow collar workers are those who have skills that cannot be aped by a machine, at least in the near future.

Understanding the need of the hour, MICA, since its inception has been stressing on skills development programs.  It trains students on various skills that come in handy in all stages of life. MIST – MICA Integrated Skills Training programme – at MICA extends Current Business Awareness and Analysis sessions, Case study sessions, book reading sessions, Communication, soft skills, personality development programs and placement training workshops as mandatory sessions. These are general training for all.

Under the professional training, which is optional for students to take up, MIST offers Tally certification, CA / CS foundation exam coaching, Multimedia and Computer proficiency training and the likes.

MIST offers few innovative programs like SER – Self Exploration and Regulation for the teenage minds.  Students get an opportunity to meet industry experts, visit production units, and learn more about multi-cultures across the world from domestic and international tours.  Through the associations with few NGOs, student volunteers can give back to the society.  MICAns get trained for researching skills, academic research papers; articles are published in reputed journals and websites.

The MIST program also encourages Entrepreneurship.  MICA has first generation entrepreneurs and MICA strongly believes in generating many more in the years to come as entrepreneurship is the solution for most of the social problems that we face today.

By and large MIST 1.1 fills the gap that is generally found in the formal education.

MIST is delivered by academicians, corporates and psychologists.

MIST is delivered by academicians, corporates and psychologists.

  • MIST is not extra; MIST the way forward…
  • MIST is not theory; MIST is real…
  • MSIT is not an add-on;  MIST is an integral part…
  • MIST is not fancy; MIST is the mainstay…
MICA congratulates it's PU II Students on their results.CLICK HERE